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Decentralized Electricity

You are the ONE for INDIA, Join us!

1. An illustrative alternative developed by AID for lighting Village Schools by PEDAL POWER.

1 Hour pedalling gives 3 hours lightThe Pedal Power Generator or Bijli Bike converts human power to electricity. A student pedaling can light up 2-3 classrooms using 11-18 W CFL lamps. AID conceived this idea for lighting village schools and supported developing a prototype in IIT-Bombay. After successful field testing they are being manufactured by Rashron Energy and Auto Limited, Vadodara and are available by mail-order to most states in India.

2. 15 KW Bilgaon Micro-Hydro Project lights every house of a tribal village.

Two metre check dam diverts water to the turbineRemote tribal villages on hills with waterfalls have natural energy to rotate a turbine and generate electricity, without displacement or environmental costs. Bilgaon, a village in Nandurbar District, Maharashtra with 12 hamlets, 180 families and a boarding school of 300 children has been in darkness even after 55 years of independence. Thanks to AID support (Rs 12,00,000), support from the school (Rs 50,000) and 2000 person-days of voluntary labour (shramdaan) put in by the villagers, they now have tube-lights in every house and school. Day time electricity will be used for pumping drinking water, creating a grain bank through community agriculture, nursery for afforestation and livelihood generation through small-scale enterprises. The projects was designed by People’s School of Energy, approved by the Chikali Gram Panchayat and implemented by Bombay Sarvodaya Friendship Centre. The village people inspired by the Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save Narmada Movement) did not accept any funds for the enormous voluntary work they did from May 2002 to Jan 2003. It was inaugurated on the Sankranti day of Jan 14, 2003 and has received congratulatory messages from the Rural Developmemt Minister of Maharashtra.

Click here for details of this locally sustainable electricity.

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